About CPS Race

CPS Race is a website focused on giving accurate click speed/CPS (clicks per second) testing measures with many practical features that are all easy to use. As the website ages it will continue to grow in features and types of tests that we are very excited about. We think that click speed tests can be very fun, challenging & important for some tasks, so we created a website to enhance the experience and be stress-free and annoyance-free.

Some of the unique & rarely found easy to use features we have are:
  • Custom Time - You can choose a custom time if you are not satisfied with the stock ones

  • Wait Time - You can choose to add however many seconds of wait time after you click to start

  • Reset Button - You can stop and reset the cps test by simply pressing on the red reset button

These can be very useful for various reasons, in case you want to have control over the amount of time you spend clicking, or if you want it to wait so that you can to start up your jitter clicking, or if you simply want to restart without refreshing or waiting a while. We hope this makes your experience that much better.

Moreover, there are even more reasons you should use our website over others. Like, the carefully made website design which works perfectly on phones and desktops which is also the reason why we made sure not to lazy out on website design. The layout combined with the style of the website allows for a nice, easy and simple experience that lets you enjoy the website and practice your click speed without annoyance.

This website was made because there was an opening in click speed tests, and that opening was from missing features and very poor care of the regular click speed test websites. That was quite disappointing and kept motivating us to give a product that is many steps ahead of the rest as it should be. As we mentioned earlier, that's not everything! There will be many more features coming in the future so stay tuned while the website grows in amazing content.

As usual, we are always incredibly committed to bettering our experience and keeping a clean site that consistently supplies a user-friendly experience, and to consistently do that we need your help.

So, if you have any suggestions that could help improve the website, or you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the information on the Contact Us page.

We hope that you'll return to test, practice, and improve your click speed. However, if we haven't earned it for whatever reason, we urge you again to please contact us and tell us how to improve the website.