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What Are CPS Tests?

CPS Tests are a measure of how many times you can click in a second or in other words, your click speed. CPS is calculated by dividing the amount of clicks by the amount of time.

You can choose different amounts of time like 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 seconds. If you are not satisfied with any of these timeframes, you can choose your own custom time by typing however many seconds you want in the "Custom Time" input box.

There is also an optional custom wait time which is very helpful for getting up to speed or warming up before the test starts. You can utilize this by going to the "Optional custom wait time" input box and typing in whatever amount of seconds you would like it to wait after you click the "Click to Start" button to actually start the test.

If you want to restart while currently doing a cps test, you can press the reset button and then restart whenever you want. This is especially useful if you longer timeframes and want to restart midway.

Note: the longer the timeframe the less you may score as you may get tired or simply can't consistently press at the same speed you would in shorter timeframes.

Extra CPS Test Info

As clicking is always a fundamental part of playing most games, praciticing with CPS Tests can help a lot in certain games where many clicks in a time period may be necesssary. Don't be discouraged if your CPS is low, you can practice to improve it and over time get faster.

A technique you could get used to in order to get high CPS is types of clicking techniques. Take Jitter clicking for example. Jitter Clicking is about vibrating your hand in a way that allows you to click the mouse. These vibrations happen fast and so your CPS would be much higher if you can jitter click correctly.

There are other techniques however, like butterfly clicking and drag clicking that can get you significantly higher but are harder so make sure you practice your techniques to get very high click speed scores.

Below are tips & tricks to how to use these techniques for your advantage and get used to them.

Clicking Technique: Jitter Clicking (high CPS)

Steps to getting used to Jitter Clicking:
  • Jitter Clicking as mentioned earlier is about activating certain forearm muscles to vibrate your hand up and done and cause you to click rapidly.

  • You should have your wrist lifted and contact the mouse with your index finger on the left mouse button.

  • Try flexing your forearm muscles, and notice how they cause your hand to vibrate. Now if you can, try to do it in a way that shakes your hand up and down.


Clicking Technique: Butterfly Clicking (very high CPS)

Steps to getting used to Butterfly Clicking:
  • Buttefly Clicking is about hitting a side of the mouse with two fingers, one at a time.

  • Keep your fingers somewhat close to the mouse button. Make sure to click lightly.

  • Now switch back and forth between your two fingers (should be index & middle finger). Start slow and improve as you go as to butterfly click efficiently.

Clicking Technique: Drag Clicking (Incredibly High CPS)

Steps to getting used to drag clicking:
  • Drag clicking, as the name suggests, is about dragging your finger down the mouse. This has to be done in a way where the friction causes the mouse to register clicks.

  • Make sure your fingers are dry and that your mouse is too. Know that some mice are better than others. Also make sure to NOT press too hard, apply light pressure.

  • Now, to drag your hand down the mouse button you have to raise your wrist up while you drag to the end of the mouse. You cannot just drag with your finger and not move anything else. Keep trying till the friction causes a skipping motion.

  • Afterwards you have to practice to apply the right amount of pressure to click each time a "skip" happens.

Uses For Improving Click Speed

Firstly, we hope that the methods above helped you start getting very high CPS so that you can be proficient at whatever requires clicking in whatever game or task. If it didn't, please contact us and tell us how we could improve it.

Now, it's obvious what click speed may be useful for, and it could be useful in many ordinary tasks. But usually, it's mostly important in games because as we mentioned before, clicking is of course a very important part of playing games.

There are some games it's more important for than others. For example, Minecraft (more specifically Minecraft PvP) and ESPECIALLY Cookie Clicker are some of the games where rapidly clicking is very important although there are way more examples.

These are not the only games that clicking speed is important in however, because there are many clicker games out there that can be quite addicting and there are many other types of games where click speed is essential for combat. We hope this tool helps you improve your click speed so that you can improve at whatever task you need it for.

Any Suggestions?

We hope the information above helped you. If you have any suggestions, we urge you to please contact us by going to the Contact Us Page and using the information there.